The story

It was in the middle of the night...

During a dream they came to me, I woke up and immediately picked up pencil and paper, so they were introducing themselves, one by one, dictating their messages. They got me involved and told me about their wonderful world.

They are not visible because they would not be understood and respected, they have their own society that works in perfect harmony and synergy.

They love animals, plants, flowers, seeds; their respect is so profound the divine creation that they have learned to communicate with the spirits of nature. They receive the energy of streams, stones, grasses and earth because they are connected with the divine essence of things in the depths of their beings.

In the forest, away from civilizations they made their home. Joy is always present, in the form of music and songs that are everywhere. They work with joy because they know that everything that is done in this way generates love and love nourishes...

They always pray and thank for all the blessings received, for the drought, for the rain, for the fire. They know that even suffering is part of a learning process and that there is a connection in everything.

Everything in the universe is intertwined, in every sunset they rise on a small hill to send positive thoughts to all mankind. Maybe that's why we feel a great peace in the forests...

They live in another vibratory pattern of energy, and we can not see them, but we can feel them if we open our soul to universal love.

Love is what drives their lives, they love, and simply love, for them there is no secret in living and so living for them is a great adventure.

To love everything and everyone,

Teandra Iches