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Although we do not see them because the gnomes are beings that vibrate in a different pattern from humans, they have always been present in all times helping the pure and joyful of heart.

The Gnome Oracle consists of 54 gnomes, each with different names, roles and personalities within their society. Each gnome brings a message that allows for different interpretations. These messages are not intended to predict your future, but to inspire your unconscious to an answer, which is actually within yourself.

Get to know all the magic and joy of this invisible little world, prepare yourself for moments of relaxation, peace and encounter with your inner world, allow yourself that pause, fly with the gnomes in the present moment and transport your unconscious past and future!

Stories of the Oracle

The Oracle

There were 54 gnomes who dictated their messages,

54 different gnomes, who also described to me their personalities, their physical aspect and what their task within their society. They have sought in some way to help mankind, so this oracle is not intended to predict the future, but rather to try to take from each of us an answer.

No one can tell you what you can or can not do, we all, deep down in our hearts know where to go and where to stay, there is no wrong direction, in every chosen path there is always an apprenticeship. And it is this learning that always leads us forward.

The Gnomes...

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