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Mali is a beautiful gnome, a teenager, she has in her eyes a glow of eternal hope. She is always smiling, serene, her features are calm and she inspires a lot of confidence in the future. In her society she is learning to be a teacher, she teaches children to read and write. Mali made a beautiful booklet for the literacy of the children where she made all the drawings herself. Mali is thrilled to see the children read the first words. She knows that from there a wonderful world opens up to them. The kids love Mali. When you get this message, prepare yourself for a phase of great joy, you have planted many good things in your life and this is the time of harvest, if you know how to cultivate the blessings you are receiving, your future will also be a lot of happiness. It is in the present that we build the future, so know how to enjoy every minute, receive joy and know how to cultivate it.
Zeti is a skinny gnome, very light, he was fast even while passing his message, he is a gnome who believes in what he does and is very safe. He heads a team of 5 gnomes that organize life in his society, he checks if the water connections are well installed, if there is any tree to fall, if any fell he organizes an expedition to take advantage of the branches and barks for the manufacture of new homes. He does not waste time, he advises not to in time to lose, whatever it is that you need to start, start! The sense of mission accomplished is very good. Because Zeti has always had so much initiative and entrepreneurial skills, things happened very fast in his life, the other gnomes admire him and feel safe in having a boss like him, because at the same time he is generous and knows how to develop the best they have within them they reciprocate working and producing with love, more and more and better for the good of their society. Zeti and his team work with Codi the gnome of the general organization. Zeti's message is that things will happen fast in your life, take advantage of every opportunity.
Gogu is one of the oldest gnomes, has always worked hard for the common good, builds many houses and was one of the founders of the society library. This library brings together the most beautiful titles in the history of mankind, as well as stories and novels written by the gnomes themselves. He takes care of and organizes the historical heritage of the gnomes, he documents the life of the gnomes and spends most of his time studying and writing, he also teaches all who are seeking knowledge. He conveys what he knows why he does not want everything he learned to be with him, all knowledge and wisdom must be passed on, that is how the culture of a people survives through the centuries. In taking this message, the moment is for work, whatever your activity, dedicate yourself with love always aiming for the good of the neighbor, you will be in this way contributing to the chain that interconnects the beings. All the work in the world is important, thinking so whatever you want to conquer will be solid, not only the material part, but the inner satisfaction of doing everything well done.
Salu is the gnome of wisdom, he, like the gnome Gogu, is one of the elders, in his society, is a kind of priest. He takes care of the spiritual part of his people, giving lectures, always with many beautiful teachings. It teaches us to look beyond the facts, which means that we must control our anxiety and reflect well before deciding on something. His message, think well before accepting a proposal, not everything that glitters is gold, means that the seemingly perfect can generate problems later, sometimes we accept commitments not to disappoint others, society or to mean a symbol for us. In fact we have to follow our intuition to follow our real inspirations and aspirations we have to be in perfect harmony with what we are and do.
Zen is the son of Salu, and will be his substitute. Zen although young has accumulated a lot of wisdom, studies a lot and talks a lot with people who need help. He is a doctor, he has saved many lives, he has made many gnomes come to the world. He has the gift of healing, knowing how to accurately diagnose diseases. He uses herbs to heal his people, and says plants are the solution to all physical problems. If this gnome came to you means that just like Zen, you have accumulated knowledge in some area of life that needs to be passed on to other people, transmitting values means transmitting the best you have assimilated, transformed and created as your own truth. The good values make humanity move forward, turning the bad seed into a fruit tree.
Lola is a beautiful gnome who appeared wearing the beautiful pink robe, she radiates the purest beauty. She works to help the purification of waters. The younger gnomes admire her a lot, but know that physical appearance should never overlap with real human values. Beautiful birth was a gift she received, but she never used it to get or take advantage of any situation. If you took this message, it means that you are using seduction to get what you want, sometimes it can cause illusion in some people, enjoy your power of attraction to be a living example of good deeds, causing others to arouse the desire of getting better and better.
Zita has a fruit stand, she picks the fruit in her orchard and in her tent she makes the exchange for other foods, and services. She is a very special gnome, she is pregnant, waiting for twin gnomes. Zita always hoped one day to be a mother and now she is very happy and grateful for this blessing. This message refers to motherhood, the special task mothers and fathers all over the world have: To raise their children by leading them to the path of goodness, in helping to create a better world. If you took this message and are already a parent, your children admire you very much, you are fulfilling one of the most beautiful missions of nature. If you still are not, someday certainly, if it is of your will you will have your children and you will be a very dear mother or father. Always try to teach your children with actions and much love, the lessons learned with love are those that really get printed in the bottom of the heart.
Paco is a very busy gnome, he works on hunting, and is one of the food providers of his society. He is very strong and brave so he is very good at what he does. Sometimes he stays days traveling with his group in search of food and when he comes back he is always received with a party. Gnomes do not kill for pleasure, they kill small animals, and insects for their subsistence, never females and children, usually old insects that are almost in their final cycle of life. When he is at home he seeks to give the utmost attention to his wife and children. He loves them very much and misses him so much, so when they are together, he makes the most of every moment. When taking this message Paco advises that everything is necessary in balance, work is very important but there is time for everything in life and you have to know the moment to stop. You have to be in perfect harmony in everything you are doing: while you are working, then of all things, when you are resting, rest for the better, when you are in the family, enjoy all the moments. So your life will be full of satisfaction and you will be good at everything you do.
Kito is a messenger. It carries correspondences from one society to another, from gnome societies to other humans as well. Kito is thin and even a little taller than his fellow gnomes, he works for the post office. Kito is very smart and can do, depending on the distance, up to three trips a day. When he arrives in the small homes, he witnesses scenes of joy and sadness. Kito knows many things about the lives of other gnomes, and always keeps a secret of everything. Imagine if he told each other about the joys and tragedies of others! He is very discreet, and if he witnesses anything he will guard himself with great discretion, which is why people trust him very much. If you took this message, be careful not to be part of gossiping wheel or network of intrigues, if you have nothing positive to add it is best to be quiet. To speak evil of another's life delays our spirit and does not help others to perfect themselves. Make criticism, but always constructive, learn from the mistakes of others and correct your own shortcomings.
Tocu is responsible for the deposit of seeds and food. He is a gnome in middle age, chubby and very good-natured. He is always laughing and playing with the squirrels who live prowling around the walnut stocks. Tocu receives the loading of seeds and food, divides them by categories, and organizes the dispatch to each house. In the society of gnomes there is no trade, the basis is exchange, each produces something for the common good and nothing is lacking to anyone. Everyone also has their own deposit because when winter arrives it is very difficult to leave the house. The gnome Tocu gives us the message that we must know how to value what we receive, the water, the food, the air, the people who are around us, everything that surrounds us is a gift that we receive and we must always be grateful.
Zara is a very elegant gnome is the society seamstress, she makes clothes for everyone: pants, dresses, even hats. She is loved by all, because she visits house by house taking measures and also with every birth to give the first clothes of the baby. Zara's visit is most welcome, not because she provides clothes, but because she is a very cheerful gnome and companion. She also teaches cutting and sewing courses and along with it other gnomes contribute to the attire of society. When Zara appears as a message it means that you are a good-natured person who will be very lucky in life. Zara believes that luck is nothing more than good work coupled with good behavior. The more these factors are present in your life, the more luck will follow.
Vita is an athlete! It goes up and down the main mountain several times a day, it walks from side to side. She is the driver of children, she takes them to and from school, takes them to extracurricular activities, such as studying tree shoots in the forest and pollination of flowers. That's why she's in constant activity. Vita loves sports and also gives gym classes in the off hours for all interested gnomes. His classes are all in touch with nature and mix various types of exercises, such as gymnastics inside the pond, stretching, body relaxation and even some meditation techniques, aiming at the improvement of body and mind, if the mind is in balance, the body will be. The message of Vita and that her health is very good and to maintain it requires a good diet allied to physical exercises. Exercises do not have to be those that cause scams or make you sore, walking is an excellent exercise, gnomes live a lot because they have a balanced diet and walk practically all day!
Solo is a very active gnome, he works with stones. He extracts the solid stones from the mountains and then turns them into houses, and shelters. This job requires a lot of physical strength and discipline, but he does not get tired and keeps working. From the top of the mountains he has a wonderful view, he feels the sun and fills with energy. He always works singing and is happy to know that many homes can be built with the stones he and his companions draw. If you took this gnome, your message is that you have been working and persisting for a long time, so you will reap the rewards. Never forget people who have been helpful to you in this process, who made your food to make you feel strong and willing? Who washed your clothes so you were always clean? Who advised you? Or even those who have put obstacles in your way, so that you fortify your ideas, think that you are on the right track and thank, always.
Are is a gnome advertiser, it is he who rises on the main podium of society and announces the weddings, births, arrivals, exits. He also writes the society journal. Are is always bringing news, which are always advertised on the seventh day of every week. He is a gnome who likes to let people know everything that happens. He also brings news from the human world to the gnomes, almost always sad news, humans are suffering a lot and do not realize that everything they do against nature and their like falls on them. The gnomes pray a lot for the awareness of the globe and it seems that they are already feeling some results. When Are appear as a message, you will receive new and joyful news soon!
Hugo takes care of the laws. He documents society: marriages, birth and death records. The gnomes have everything documented so that the history of its people does not go away. So Hugo sometimes needs to travel from one settlement to another to do these scriptures. In the society of the gnomes there are no men of the law to judge or punish, they have a self-governing society, because each one knows how to fulfill his role and respect the rights of his neighbor, so there are no prisons or courts. The laws are just the universal laws of love and brotherhood that they follow and pass from father to son. When Hugo leaves you means that you may be asked to do some work that needs to travel, the trip may be short or long lasting and in any case very productive.
Pepi is a gnome artist, he paints pictures, makes sculptures. He loves the arts and beautiful things, his favorite theme is family. He paints families in different situations: lunch, parents playing with their children, children eating the candy their grandparents make. His house is full of paints, canvases, and brushes, a beautiful festival of cloths and colors that enchant everyone. He also does portraits, so everyone who wants to make a picture, look for Pepi. Besides being talented, he is very happy because he has children who only give him joy. Every month he organizes a festival in the valley of the arts, in this valley live artists of all kinds, artisans, musicians, sculptors, etc ... At this party he and other painters expose their paintings and their women receive the visitors with delicious sweets. He exchanges his paintings for me and Pepi comes out for you, it means that the family, the basis of society, must be given great value. You have or will have many children and grandchildren who will give you many joys.
Poshi is a very nice gnome makes many friends wherever he goes, he carries food through society, in his donkey Allo. He is a very beautiful gnome and full of charm, arousing many passions among the gnomes. His magnetism is impressive, although young he knows how to conduct the things of the heart. He never made any gnomes suffer because of him because he is looking for someone who is his ideal partner to marry. When Poshi appears to you, it means that you are very friendly and kind so you can find many loves and many people will come close to you. You have to feel in the depths of your heart the real feelings of yourself and your partner. No relationship happens by chance, so be able to extract the best from each relationship, always seeking to respect the way of being of your partner.
Shilo is vigilant of society, he stands at the top of the main stone watching everything that occurs in the village currencies. He has a long black beard and very perceptive black eyes. He needs to be aware because the peace of society can not be shaken and families need to feel secure. In the forest there are many beings and they do not always know if they come on a mission of peace or war. Sometimes they are only beings in search of landing and food. Everyone is always very welcome, but we must not neglect because once two weasels asked for shelter on a stormy night and slept in the back of the seed tanks. By daybreak the two weasels had fled and carried two sacks of pumpkin seed. Shilo laughed because they did not have to steal just to have asked. Shilo's message means that you need to know who you trust, what people say, and you do not want them to know what they're doing. No one can fool the whole world all the time, but keep an eye on and follow your deepest intuition.
Sabu is a chemistry student. He is learning to make combinations between the elements to originate others and also to study the chemical property of water and plants. Sabu is a very dreamy gnome, very romantic and loves poetry. He has already written many, and he wants to publish them in a book. Sabu greatly admires his chemistry teacher, the gnome Poti. He admires his personality, his loving way of teaching people, and his intelligence. He would like one day to be like her and it sure will! He is very talented, despite his young age, he discovered an element capable of stopping the proliferation of mold in the books of the library. He says he owes all this to Poti his great teacher. Taking the message from Sabu, it means that someone admires you and likes the way you are.
Dora is a very experienced, beautiful and elegant gnome. She makes sweets, delicious sweets of all kinds: caramelized sweet fig, sweet green fern, sweet molasses with flower of Génépi. She puts all the candies in royal victory trays and the table set for the parties looks beautiful! She carries to her sweets a lot of tenderness and tenderness that when you eat them you can feel a delicious sensation of well-being. Dora lives very happily with her husband Ovu who has in her a faithful companion. Ovu is a pastor and also makes delicious bread. In all the difficult phases of her work, Dora was always by her side, when she got sick once, Dora left every day to work and cared for him with great affection. Dora is an example of a mature woman because she knows that each one has her part. Men and women have their task in this world and these tasks are completed without ever overlapping or competing with each other. When Dora is your message, she announces a beautiful and long love in your life, but you must know how to keep it, The secret of any relationship and love, affection and complicity.
Jade is a very delicate and sensitive gnome. She picks the extract from the leaves and leaves and makes delicious perfumes, she has a small house where she brings the materials collected and extracts the essences, testing the best combinations. Her little house is very fragrant and on the shelves are hundreds of glass of different colors and sizes, their perfumes smell the earth, the streams, the green leaves, the fruits, the dew. Jade once on one of his walks through the forest, met a beautiful hunter from another settlement and fell in love with him. Every morning when she went out to collect new elements, the hunter was looking at her. With each passing day she began to wait anxiously for this meeting. One day a very strong storm was about to fall and she took refuge under a fallen tree trunk. The hunter who was always nearby approached and took refuge with the rain. They talked a lot and began to meet whenever they could at sunset under that trunk. The hunter traveled a lot, sometimes for days without appearing. Jade, although very fond of him, knew that the hunter was a man who had been born to be free and she could not want to hold him for himself. Jade lived happily and every day created new and wonderful essences, she knew that the people who love us always come back and if by chance he did not come back is why it had to be so, Jade learned with its perfumes to perceive the essence of each one and respect it, because in essence we are what we are, and it is very difficult to change someone. Jade knew in the background that if the hunter were not her half, she would surely find someone else to make her happy. When Jade comes out to you, it means that we should not force events, let things flow, do your part always towards the good that naturally what will have to be will be for sure. Even seemingly bad events lead us to learning and to other paths that always drive us to growth, our own and those around us.
Toni is a very intelligent gnome, he is an architect, and he takes care of the urbanization of society. The architecture of a city is very important because it organizes the houses, squares and public places in a harmonious way, causing well being to all who live in society. He designs each new house to be built, along with the future owner. They check the best place, preferably facing north for the use of sunlight, check the presence of water in the territory, how many rooms will be made, the garden and etc ... Always harmonizing with the other houses around and without to attack nature. Toni is brilliant, he has studied for many years and is an excellent draftsman. The society auditorium was also designed by him and his acoustics are perfect, enabling the music to be appreciated by all in its purest form. Toni studies a lot because she knows that her profession also requires constant updating and a lot of responsibility. He works with gnome engineers and knows that under construction, if some calculation is wrong, the safety of other gnomes will be compromised. Imagine if any house falls? So when Toni leaves for you, he advises you, study hard and be very good at what you do, whatever it is, knowing that every profession has its responsibility. Commit to what you are doing, responsibly, knowing that whatever we do is somehow intertwined with the whole. Of this were certainly always there without good and satisfactory work.
Rodi is a physicist, astronomer, he studies the stars: stars, planets, comets, and everything in the sky. He spends hours admiring space and mapping galaxies. He knows that the universe is infinite so he believes there are other life forms on other planets. His studies have turned to books and he teaches astronomy to children. His favorite star is the Moon. He finds it curious how it influences our lives, controlling the movement of the seas and even the birth of babies. He finds the full moon magical, because at this stage, the forest gets brighter and he can stay up late contemplating the stars. After many years of observation, he can see that each phase of the moon is propitious for a particular activity, so he set up an activity board. The fishermen, the hunters, the farmers and the future moms, consult this board a lot. He also thoroughly studies astrology and the relation that each planet exercises over us. He has already made many prognoses based on these studies and has also traced many characteristics of gnome personalities. He finds it fascinating to study the stars and the contact with other worlds. One day he saw a spaceship descending into a clearing in the forest and saw two creatures not as large as the men and not as small as they descended toward the lake. They stopped at the edge of the lake, put some of the water in a golden flask, and returned to their ship ascending at an incredible speed toward the sky. Rodi also does the weather forecast of society. He hits, but often misses too. One day he scheduled a picnic because he predicted he would make a to crack. He left home happily with his family and halfway closed the time and a heavy rain caught them by surprise soaking the whole basket of food, they left the food in the woods and the ants made a way to get everything away. So when Rodi shows up for you it means that a last-minute change can change your plans.
Zugui, is a carpenter, makes furniture and builds wooden toys for children. He loves children and making toys for them is a great tantrum. He makes dolls, horsemen, little houses, and other critters, as well as puzzle and other educational games. Zugui creates these toys inspired by children's desire. He is always surrounded by them and seeks to build everything they do in their imaginations. Zugui tries to always be in contact with them because they see the world without paradigms, unlike the adults who are creating a closed concept for each thing. For example, one of his Gnomon friends once appeared with a doll made out of grass, and the little eyes were two fireflies. He said the grass was for the fireflies to feel at home, and to be that way in his little doll that needed to have green eyes. Zugui did not interfere with his creation and built a family of grass dolls along with him. Zugui also needs to have a lot of patience because they make such a mess! But he leaves because he knows that children have a great energy that needs to be extravasated and he likes this mess because it also fills him with energy. He remembers when he was a kid, how good it was to play free and happy. Sometimes he gets very tired because he is already old, but he says that if he could go back to the past he would create and go through that task all over again. He is very fond of his children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren! In taking Zugui he announces that you will have very intelligent children, but they will give you work, and if you already have them, whatever your age, always have patience. Being a mother or father is a great and beautiful mission.
Abo is a very funny gnome, chubby and half-bald he is an actor and comedian. He creates his pieces and has a cast of gnomes who stage with him. It is impossible to stay with Abo without a laugh, because for everything he has a joke or funny story. Everywhere he goes people ask him to tell a little of their stories. He does a lot of shows and presentations, especially in hospitals where people get very sad and discouraged. Whenever he can, he likes to be in touch with his friends and family. Abo was once the house of an old friend of his and arriving there the afternoon only went away at dawn. It had been a long time since they had talked and did not see the time pass, they talked about everything and gave so much, but so much laughter that Abo fell from the chair, and twisted his foot leaving there bandaged, but happy of life. When Abo leaves for you means that you will receive visits soon and that too you can not forget your friends and loved ones should whenever possible visit them.
Mare is a very handsome and friendly teenage gnome, he is learning to build furniture and wooden objects with his Uncle Zugui. As it is age it is sometimes rebellious and answering. He loves and respects his parents very much, but he is an impatient spirit who likes to always seek new adventures. Mare once, tired of his routine, wanted to participate in the gnomes' competition to win the title of "Bravo navigator of society", but since he was still a teenager, they did not let him participate. Mare wanted to prove that he was very brave and hid from his parents built a wooden raft and planned to descend the stream below. His dream was to reach as far as the brook meets the sea and be able to tell all his friends that he was a great conqueror. After all arranged, he wrote a letter to his parents telling him that he would make a great adventure and that he would return soon, and it was not for them to worry. So Mare got on the raft and started down the stream. Arriving some distance from his house, the raft began to pick up a great speed and hit a rock. Mare fell into the water and went down the stream and was almost drowning when she saw a stinging stick, grabbed him and got on a rock. Mare was drenched, with no rafts, no food, and miles from her home. He felt remorse and thought how his parents should be concerned. The night came and he was very cold, he began to be very scared and to pray. He remembered his loving mother, his warm bed, his grandmother's cornflakes, and he was very sorry, for what at first was an adventure became a nightmare, and what he thought without a routine was really all that. which he most wanted at that moment, the warmth of his parents' home and affection. Finally a few hours later he can see a boat with three gnomes, he recognized his father and his heart jumped for joy. His father did not quarrel with him, but he hugged him tightly and cried a lot. A great internal transformation happened to him in those moments, in those hours of fear, he gave value to everything he had of good in his life. Mare warns that a great transformation is about to happen in her life, for her sake and for the better. Transformation can be as much as the way of thinking, or because of other people or events. Either way, the changes are always beneficial and serve to propel us forward, as long as we know how to accept and learn from them.
Sole takes care of the animals. Gnomes also have animals in their society, very little ones like them, burricos, horses, dogs, sheep and others. They respect their pets very much, because they know that they are also divine creation and also find themselves in the path of evolution. Animals fill us with teachings every day and sometimes we do not even realize it. The gnomes on the contrary, know how to communicate with them and this exchange is very positive. With the animals we learn the calm, the peace, the companionship and the sweetness. Animals that live with humans can also see the gnomes, for the purity of their souls, as well as the little children. Sole is a veterinarian and an animal scholar. He realizes that they also have their personality, their essence. It is very common to see a dog, for example, over time, look like its owner, they capture their personality characteristics and even sometimes physical! We should also capture their characteristics also because the animals are pure and give us examples of goodness and charity. When Sole leaves you, it means that you are a person who has always cultivated purity in your heart and will have a good karma, that is, you for the purity and goodness of your actions, you are ensuring the prosperity of your present and future life.
Luna is Rodi's daughter. Rodi liked the Moon so much that he decided to give this beautiful name to his daughter. Luna is very pretty, has delicate features and long hair, very black. Her hands are delicate and very agile so she works by arranging flowers to adorn the homes, parties and weddings. His hands glide lightly through the laces that tie the flowers into beautiful ships. Luna has already adorned many brides and their homes. There is a tradition among the gnomes where their house is all decked with daisies, roses and all flowers that are white. The bride also receives a crown from these same flowers. Luna always dreamed of getting married and loves in silence the gnome Zack who works as a cobbler in the main square he has a small shop and works near Luna. Luna is very shy and always watched with admiration Zack's work. She realized he was watching her, too, but she did not have the courage to approach. Zack once made a shoe for his father, very handsome and comfortable. He went to deliver him personally to Rodi's house and Luna was very happy and embarrassed. He entered took a juice and was impressed by its beauty and sweetness. He had never been so close to her! Luna knew within herself that they loved each other, but she did not know how to tell him. One day Luna learned that Zack was going to make a long trip to a distant town to take some orders. Luna suddenly realized that she could not remain silent, for Zack would leave and perhaps not come back. She sought him out and confessed her reciprocal love. The two of them married and he took her to this honeymoon town. Luna advises that you should follow the true feelings that arise in your heart. Sometimes we must run after our dreams, we must always seek our happiness. If we are happy it is because we are on the right track!
Zack is an excellent shoemaker. He makes beautiful and sturdy shoes because the gnomes walk a lot and on rocky terrain with lots of dirt. He also greases them with beeswax and makes all sorts of repairs. Zack secretly loved the beautiful Luna gnome who arranges flowers for parties and weddings. He thought he would never catch Luna's attention and keep his love for her in silence. Only her Aunt Gisa knew about her nephew's love for Luna. Gisa received inspiration from the good spirits and knew that this story would have a happy ending, so reassured her nephew and said that when the time came, everything would be solved. Much time passed and Zack was called by gnomes from other societies to make some shoes, for the cobbler there had become ill. Zack thought of refusing because he could not bear not to see Luna, but he had no choice, he had to leave in a few weeks. He thought about saying goodbye, but he did not think so, as he did not know if Luna loved him, he thought the best way to forget him was to leave for a while. Zack told a friend of Luna that he would be leaving and Luna to find out went to look for Zack. When she confessed her love Zack could not stand happiness, it was as they had known each other for a long time, he felt a strong bond with Luna and hoped she would feel the same way. They were married and Luna fulfilled her dream. After dressing up so many brides and bridal houses he saw himself now as if in a dream. Zack provided the travel gear and the two set off on an unforgettable honeymoon. Zack had always known that Luna was the ideal woman to marry her, and she saw him with a good marriage and many children. When Zack leaves for you, it means you have a good marriage.
Polén is a researcher. She spends hours studying the chemistry of plants to turn them into remedies. She knows that the cure for all diseases is in nature so in her little laboratory she always tests new combinations. She has already discovered many important medicines: for fever, for sore throat, stomach pain, anesthetics and antibiotics. She is currently researching new drugs to cure diseases that only humans have. When she makes an important discovery through telepathy, she intuits some humans doing research in the forests to test this or that particular plant. This is how the gnomes helped many Indians to discover certain medicines. Polén has a school and she teaches many gnomes the art of making medicines and researching plants. The forest richest in plant diversity is the Amazon and she has many friends who live there researching and communicating with her through telepathy. Unfortunately humans are destroying this wonderful source of life and knowledge. Polén is a scientist and has received this gift to serve her fellow men. Many gnomes follow and continue their research, so when Polén's message means you stand out or stand out for some knowledge you have or are developing. Many people admired him and followed his ideas. You are or you can become famous in what you do, whether in science, teaching or the arts. Never forget that this requires a lot of responsibility on your part, when others are inspired by us we must always be examples of actions for good.
Illo is the coordinator of the club. Gnomes have a club where many events and activities take place. On days off they get together, party, and play acorn. Bolota is a very fun game, similar to our soccer, but the ball is made of hard mud and there is only a beam and a taster (goalie). The points are made by gnome, those who make fewer goals will be the taster next time. It's a lot of fun because sometimes the ball bursts, so by the side of the field other gnomes have fun making other mud balls and putting them to dry in the sun. The club sits around the lagoon where Vita the gnome of the sport of swimming lessons and other gnomes bask in the sun. Illo as coordinator of the club takes care of the schedule of activities. Every year there is a great competition of rafts, the gnomes come together in groups of three and everyone is at the source of the stream: those who reach the sea first win the competition and the prize is a beautiful trophy in the form of a raft made of noble wood. The trophy gives participants the title for a year of "Bravos navigators of society", it is a great pride to receive this title because it is a test that requires a lot of skill, discipline and planning. The club is one of the places where the gnomes have fun and is very conducive to the networking, fun and practice of group sports. Illo says that living happily in harmony with his friends is very good and he is happy to create and organize games and activities that enable this contact between the gnomes. When Illo leaves for you means that a reconciliation of love or friends is about to happen to you. Why stay quarrelsome or heartache in the heart? The best way and forgiveness. Forgiveness frees and makes the heart happy.
Alma is a gnome that makes tissues. She transforms the chorus and hair of dead animals into warm clothes for the winter and the soft silk tunics for the summer. She works with the seamstress Zara who sews and makes the models. Alma likes to feel the texture of the fabrics and never, never hurt any animal to make their skins. The hunters when they arrive go to Alma's workshop to extract her skins. Hunters do not kill for pleasure, they kill small pets, usually on the end-of-life cycle, never females and children. Everything is taken advantage of in the pet that is hunted, the flesh the skin, the teeth, and the bones, which are used to make cutlery and the sharp swords that they use in hunting. Alma one day was to pay a visit with Zara to measure a suit. When they arrived, a very, very fat gnome opened the door and received them with much affection and joy, it was the gnome Balo. Balo was in need of a new coat because he had fattened and lost his old one. Balo is very clever and funny, a very nice company. Alma after that meeting did not stop thinking about Balo, she came back twice more to his house to try on the coat and realized that he looked at her with a care that she had never felt before. They fell in love and are dating very happy. They form a very cute couple because he is very fat and she is very skinny and small. Alma's message is that the body is only a garment, the true essence is the spirit. If she were to see only Balo's appearance, she would not have seen the wonderful gnome he is and would have missed the chance to be as happy as he is now.
Aura is a good old lady. She lives in a mountain house and is famous for receiving messages from the spirits of the gnomes who have already died. Aura has written many of these messages and some spirits are looking for them when they want to pass on a message to their family members. Gnome spirits can communicate in many ways: through dreams, through intuition, or through messages. Aura teaches the gnomes and this helps them understand many things, such as the action and reaction of the universe. Everything we do good or bad an hour ends up coming back to us, it's like when you throw a tree stump in the sea, it swirls, it rolls by the waves, but an hour ends up coming back to the edge. Aura teaches the little gnomes the prayer that is a source of transformative and comforting energy, especially prayer made from the heart, with love. Gnomes do not seek this contact with their ancestors for fun or reason, they respect the manifestations and know that they will or will not receive messages according to the need and availability of the spirits, because they in the other dimension are constantly working for our good and others. The gnomes know they are not alone, and they feel their friendly and comforting presence from time to time. We all have the protection of God and the spirits that are related to us. The message of Aura is that you can feel safe because you have the protection of the good spirits, do not forget to pray whenever possible for the vibratory elevation of humanity.
Balo is a nutritionist. He takes care of the food balance of families and elaborates menus giving tips on how to make the most of food, to have a rich and healthy diet. Balo teaches the utilization of peel and seeds of foods that are rich in minerals and vitamins. Balo always arrives at the house of the gnomes near lunch to give tips to the gnomes and always ends up being invited to the meal. He finds the mealtimes a sacred time, where everyone gets together and exchanges ideas. The gnomes before eating thank you for another meal and for being all gathered in peace. Balo loves to be at the table and sometimes ends up having lunch three times a day! Balo is very chubby and needs to take a step, so that his health is not compromised. His girlfriend Alma gives the greatest strength and the two after work always walk around the pond. Balo advises that you have to handle food, preferring quality rather than quantity. Eating is very good, but we can not be greedy! Never forget that everything needs balance.
Bud takes care of transporting people. Gnomes have several ways to get around: on horseback, by birds and by teleportation. For small distances they use the first two alternatives, for longer distances they use the energy portals, they dematerialize and materialize again in the desired place, when they cross that portal. Bud cares for the birds. Birds leave and have fun with the gnomes. They cling to each other and settle between their little toes and fly. This transport is widely used when a gnoma needs to hurry to give birth in the hospital, usually they choose to have their children at home. It is widely used also when there is a flood because of the rains and if the mud gets very deep the birds come to their aid. Bud calls the birds and selects the best for this task. Hummingbirds are also widely used for speed and for being able to stand in the air. By having this feature it is used to build roofs. The gnome can take the tiles and stand in the still air by placing them on top of the houses. Bud is very young and was chosen for this profession because despite his young age he has an incredible patience to deal with people, especially the elderly. Every week the gnome Aura already well old, likes to take a walk until the city with its granddaughter the gnoma Mel. She likes to feel the wind hitting her face and enjoy the beauty of the forest. Bud then goes with a sparrow to Aura's house and helps her and her granddaughter sit down on the bird. It's such an adventure! Bud is married to Mel and met her when he went to take Aura on one of his walks. Bud is very docile and makes Mel very happy. Bud's message is that you will tend to get married very young. If you are already married, make your home a nest of love and understanding as well as Bud and Mel. Know how to love, give in and respect.
Core takes care of recycling your company's waste. Gnomes re-use everything and do not throw garbage right into nature, before they re-use what they can and the rest is cleared before they play on land. The sewers are also cleaned so they avoid diseases and their lakes are always clean. Core coordinates a team that separates the garbage by species and then forwards everything to the transformation. Old woods, for example, have seen paper, they have no plastic or cans, but some rubber pieces they make in the extraction of the wood are always reused. They can also make pieces of glass, so when one breaks, they put the pieces together and make another. Trash is a source of discovery! Core was once separating some papers when he found a liana necklace with a closed shell at the end. She looked, it seemed strange that someone had thrown such a beautiful jewel out. She opened and saw the painting of a family in the shell she recognized to be the gnome Mali and her parents. Immediately by telepathy sent a signal to Mali. Mali came running and recognized his beloved necklace. It was the only portrait she had with her parents and was very worried about losing. The bundle of the necklace was broken, probably fell off his neck and was swept along with the dirt into the trash. Good thing Core found! Core thought: working here we always find something new. Core's message is that news is on the way.
Poti is a chemistry teacher. She is very intelligent and studies a lot, her students love her, especially Sabu who one day wants to be like her, and become a great teacher. Poti, besides being a teacher, is a friend of her students who loves her immensely. Poti teaches them many other good things, such as storing food for winter. It uses a food preservation technique where the seeds are smeared with boar fat and they can last up to years inside the cabinets. Gnomes are very much forewarned, they always prepare for everything. One of their winters was so strict that they could not leave their homes for more than three months. Imagine if they had no stock of food? Poti always says that the only true sources of wealth come from the land and from the individual's own work, whether mental or physical, so Poti's message is that his fortune will be won by his own work, which will guarantee him a safe old age.
Trovo works with Solo in the extraction of stones for the construction of houses. Trovo is a strong and serious gnome. He is reserved and observant more like listening than talking. His profession requires a lot of concentration and sometimes he needs to spend hours in silence to avoid collapses inside the mountains. When they are out of danger they have fun and sing a lot to pass the time. In this work there is the group of gnomes who work on the surface of the mountains, such as Solo's team and those working inside the mountains, to extract certain stones that only exist inside. Teams take turns, because working inside is more tiring. The inner team needs to exercise self-control and patience, because in certain areas they work even in the dark. Once there was a collapse and Trovo's team had to stay trapped inside a cave for a day until their companions could dig and open a hole for them to leave. During this time, some gnomes began to despair, and they were afraid they would never see the light of day again. Trovo realized that the moods were starting to get high, because everyone was very nervous. He as leader maintained calm and order among his companions until the end when they were successfully rescued. Trovo's message is that sometimes, with some people and in some situations conflict situations arise where we need to exercise our capacity for firmness, tolerance and play of the waist. Firmness not to lose control, tolerance to understand the other's position and game of waist to reach a middle ground.
Kenko is a dentist, he attends several gnomes a day in his little house. It uses the anesthetics that Polén extracts from the plants to make fillings. The teeth of the gnomes are strong, but sometimes a caries appears, especially in children who live eating candy and then do not brush their teeth. He gives lectures in schools on how to make a good brushing, of glass to pass the thread of bush correctly between the teeth, so that in old age they do not need to wear dentures. Kenko has been caring for teeth for many years, and he also teaches other gnomes his profession because he is very old and intends to retire soon. When the gnomes retire they stop working producing things, but almost always they see teachers, teaching others their profession. They never they stop having an activity, but this happens to be in less hours, always in an instructive or hobby. Zugui is an example, he is retired but likes to make wooden toys. He now does not make as many toys, but he likes to make some fun to teach. A retired gnome is provided with all your needs. Younger gnomes always produce an extra amount of goods to supply the elderly population. That way they feel loved and supported. Young gnomes know that one day they will grow old too, and so from culture to culture, that culture is passed. Kenko's message is that you work now to enjoy it later, enjoy all your physical and intellectual strength to ensure your future. If you took this message and stopped working, it means that each one has the rest deserved, enjoy to convey to others their accumulated wisdom.
Lumi works with crystals. When Solo and Trovo's stone extraction teams, Lumi's father find crystals, they guard to give Lumi, who builds beautiful sculptures, jewelry, and household utensils such as pots and tea sets. Lumi studies the power of crystals and knows that each stone radiates a different energy. For example, cooking food in an Amazonita pot leaves the gnomes with more energy for the job, or the tea served in citrus cups, makes the reasoning quicker and sharper. When Trovo's crew was trapped in the cave, they were carrying several kinds of crystals for Lumi. Lumi, on learning the news, was very worried about her father, she was crying very, very much, but by telepathy her father warned her that everything was fine and that she had found crystals she had never seen before. Lumi was afraid of losing his father, if that happened everything would be lost. Troy was everything Lumi had, since she was little, for her mother died when she was born. When they were saved, Trovo came home laden with beautiful crystals that shone and were reflected in the tears of Lumi who cried excitedly. When Lumi comes out to you, it means that a ray of light will come when you find that everything is lost. Take it easy and faith that the solution is on the way.
Rai is a farmer, he organizes the planting of vegetables, vegetables, fruits and wheat. Wheat is the food base of the gnomes that use it for almost everything. Rai wears a blue bib and a red shirt. He jokes that he is a farmer and a scarecrow because his hair is spiked sideways and his nose is round and chubby like a potato. Rai works a lot, but has help from several teams: one prepares the land, another throws the seeds and covers them, another irrigates the land, another harvests, another takes the food to the tank commanded by Tocu. There food and seeds are organized and dispatched to the homes by Poshi, who is responsible for transporting food. So in sync everything goes well and no one gets tired. Rai once saw a black cloud in the approaching sky. At first he thought it was a storm, but he realized that it was a cloud of insects that in seconds covered the whole plantation. Rai quickly joined his colleagues and together they dressed the protective clothing to sleepers. Each of them filled a pot of sleeping pills and quickly called Bud to summon all the kisses in an emergency. Each hummingbird took a gnome from behind and they flew over the plantation by throwing that substance over the insects. This substance is a numbing bug made by Poti the chemical gnome for them to fend off these attacks. Once asleep, they fall to the ground, are collected in large nets by the gnomes, and the hummingbirds finish the service by taking them far away, off the gnomes' route. Rai's message is that there may be some problems that will be circumvented if you are patient. Unexpected help will appear.
Clara is an actress and dancer. From an early age she studies dance and plays beautiful choreographies. She looks like a feather on stage so soft are her movements. Clara set up a dance school where she teaches the gnominhos and gnominhas to dance. Once she gave a show together with the gnome Neve. She danced Tchaikovisk's Nutcracker Suite and Snow played the song on the piano. Many gnomes wept with emotion. Clara and Neve teach together in the same school. Clara is participating in a test because she wants to be part of a play that Abo is organizing. It competes with dancing gnomes from other villages. Clara trains many hours a day and dedicates much to teaching dance art to the gnomes. Through dance she expresses her love for art and for people. Clara is calm and confident, because whatever the winner, she will be happy, there are many pieces that will be staged and there is room for everyone. Clara's message is that there are phases in which to wait, without hasty conclusions or pre-judgments. Do your part and rest easy because what has to be will be.
Mel takes care of gardens. It creates ornamental gardens that adorn the front of houses, squares and flower beds. Mel takes care of the flowers and plants and makes the gardens become true works of art. Mel lives with her grandmother Aura in a little cottage on the mountain. Mel is very sensitive and can communicate with the plants and flowers that are happy to adorn the society. Each time someone looks at them with love and admiration they are nourished with beneficial energy and become more and more beautiful and showy, returning with waves of good fluids. Mel received this name from her parents because she was born under a bee hive, her mother during a walk when she was pregnant felt ill and snuggled under a tree to receive Mel. With the baby in her arms she looked up at the sky to thank God and saw a hive of bees buzzing happily over her head, celebrating birth. Her mother then named her Mel, the fruit of the bees' work. Mel married Bud the gnome responsible for transportation and the two made a beautiful family. They continue to live with Aura because she is very old and would feel very alone. Mel loves Bud very much and from the first time she saw him she felt that he would be her one and only love. Mel's message is that you have found or are about to find the ultimate love in your life will be a faithful and lasting love.
Neve has this name because it is very white, it was born white as snow. His hair and eyes are very black and expressive. Neve is a music teacher and plays several musical instruments. She started learning music when she was very young, she saw music in all things. Music from the cosmos is the divine language, it makes you enter the rhythm of the universe. Neve has always dreamed of having a music school, teaching not only playing instruments, but the history and musicality of people, animals and objects. Everything can become sound if you want and a sound can lead you to joy, sadness or reflection. Clara's friend Neve invited her to open a school together, she taught dance and Neve music, together they could do beautiful choreography. They both had a lot of work to set up school, but she was very beautiful. She stands behind a waterfall and the students arrive by raft for classes. The waterfall forms a curtain and the night when they light the torches the water reflects the fire giving a magical aspect to the place. Neve has fulfilled his dream and is very happy. His message is that all his plans without exception will come true.
Rochi is a fisherman, he has a team of fishermen that every morning very early, still at dawn, go out with him to fish in the lake. They go by the way laughing and talking but when they arrive at the lake it takes absolute silence so that the fish do not get scared and run away. Once they arrived at the lake and a lizard decided to take a bath in the pond, the gnomes respect the animals a lot and arrive well at dawn precisely so as not to disturb the lives of the other animals. They walked elsewhere around the pond and the lizard went after them, beating their tail back and forth. Rochi gently asked for the lizard to swim a few feet away, but he was an aloof lizard and did not want to meet Rochi's request. The caterpillar laughed a lot and knew that the little gnomes could not with him. Rochi very patient explained that he needed to fish to bring food to his society just as his mother should do for him and his brothers. All we had to do was tell Mother that a very good caterpillar appeared and asked us what was going on. The little caterpillar got a scolding and a bite on his tail, left crying and had to apologize. Rochi laughed because he knew he was a lizard child who was testing its limits. His mother was still fine, he gave her a nice concealer. Rochi's message reminds us that having a tough and stubborn personality only makes us lose out on it. We need to know that we are not always right at all and know how to recognize when we are wrong.
Gino is a musician, he has a set that plays to liven up the parties. Gino is always rehearsing and inventing new and joyful songs. He plays in the gnomes club, plays in the houses and in the weddings. Gino and his band are always playing. For Gino everything is cause for celebration and there goes he and his band to compose a little song for the occasion. When Are announces the news on the last day of the week he and his band also open and close the news with a little song. In the acorn game of the gnomes, he also plays for the organized cheerleaders of gnomes. He is very funny. When Gino leaves for you, it means that things are about to happen, meetings, celebrations, and very joyful parties.
Fogu is a midwife and a nurse, working with Zen who is a doctor. He is a very dedicated nurse and is learning with Zen medicine. Fogu accompanies Zen in childbirth and is already well-seasoned. Zen had to go to one house and Fogu to another. Fogu was very nervous because it was the first time he had a single birth, he prayed and he went ahead. It was Zita who was giving birth to twin gnomes. The first time she gave birth to twins! And with great success. Zita is well and the babies also she named after the first childbirth of Fofo and Gugu Fogu. Fogu reminds us that sex is very important but that we should know how to value it as being divine between two people and as a means to rebirth. Gnomes are sad to know that some humans have diverted the true meaning of sex, which is the exchange of love between two people. Many serious illnesses are being transmitted among humans and one of them seems to warn of non-promiscuity, causing them to reflect and re-value marital ties and fidelity. Fogu's message is that sex is very important, but it must be done with love, conscience and more than ever before with caution.
Roti is an athletic gnome, he is a sailor. Roti has a ship and along with other gnomes goes to sea, fish, bring seaweed, and salt. He likes to dive and research marine life. The dolphins see them and come and play. Gnomes communicate with them and know they are very evolved beings. Dolphins are super intelligent and commented to the gnomes that men are killing the seas: they kill whales, turtles, throw garbage, oil and plastic in the sea, so they are very sad and end up distancing themselves from humans, staying only in clean places and close to people who respect nature. Roti stays many days inside his ship and travels to several places in the world, sometimes taking months to return. Dolphins help them and push their ship at high speeds. Roti's message is that like him, you'll make many trips throughout your life, some short and some long, to far-off places.
Mamu is a psychologist and an analyst. He studies the mechanisms of mind and behavior very much. If some gnome suffers a problem he tries to find out if the causes are physical or psychological. Physical when a substance is lacking in the brain and there is developed a disease and psychological when it is caused by some trauma or disturbing event or even as was his creation and education. Mamu listens attentively to his patients and seeks to listen to them enough, he has an incredible ability to perceive what is wrong. Many times he finds out after the clinical analysis that the problem was just lack of some substance or vitamin. Other times they were problems they had no way to put out without going through trials. In the society of the gnomes there are not many problems of this kind, so Mamu is dedicated in making books for methods of study, didactics and others that involve the training of the mind, such as concentration, meditation, regression and hypnosis. Hypnosis is much used in cases of operation, so you do not need to resort to anesthesia. Mamu's advice is that if you are feeling disturbed, distressed, and in trouble, the best way is to vent, not keep everything to yourself and seek to find the cause deep down in your memories. What makes you feel this way? If this is difficult for you, seek help from specialized people, for there is a solution to everything.
Gisa is a clairvoyant gnome. She can see and communicate with the spirits and helps the gnome Aura receive the messages they want to convey. As Aura is already very old, Gisa will one day be his replacement. Gisa is a mystic gnoma she can sometimes see with anticipation, facts that will occur and if given this vision she manages to avoid in time. One day she sensed that a branch would fall on the house of one of the gnomes. She foresaw a tragedy, ordered them to remove the branch that no one had noticed was rotten and could prevent this happening. She is not always allowed to foresee events, only when some teaching must be drawn from such an event, and she never uses her powers to frighten or deceive the gnomes. We all have the sensitivity to receive intuitions, the difference is that some have the channel more open than others. Gisa's message is that you have psychic gifts and sensitivity. Never forget that what was given to you for free can not be charged. Use your sensitivity only for the good and happiness of your fellow men.
Ica is a young singer, she has a beautiful and pure voice. She sings in the theater at the opening of the plays and in the main square from time to time. Ica is beautiful and imposing, she loves to have ice cream. She was invited once to sing for a birthday and was very pleased. She would have a week to prepare and choose her repertoire. One afternoon she went out with her mother to take a walk and wanted to take Dora's delicious goat's milk ice cream. Her more experienced mother knew that she was already very cold and if she had ice cream she could have a sore throat and her presentation would be impaired. Ica in the impetus of her age was eager to take that ice cream, an hour that her mother was distracted talking to other gnomes she went and asked Dora for an ice cream. She sucked in hiding very quickly. Her mother noticed that she had been disobeyed because she saw a small piece of milk in Ica's dress. She did not quarrel with Ica, because sometimes we need to learn from experience and since she did not present a great danger, she was quiet. Ica the next day dawned with fever and totally hoarse. His mother continued without speaking, only went to Pollen and asked for some leaves of Tanchagem, good for a sore throat. Ica chewed the leaves and was worried she was not well enough in time for the party. She learned from experience and acknowledged that the older ones by wisdom and by already having passed through such situations warn us of the dangers. Ica finally got cured and can sing on her birthday, which coincidentally had lots of milk ice creams. After the show and already cured she killed all her will and sucked several ice cream. Ica's message is that sometimes we need to accept others 'opinions and learn from others' experience to avoid future hassles.
Ovu is a shepherd of sheep, he has a small flock that follows him through all the mountains. Ovu extracts the milk from the goats and in the summer draws the wool from the sheep. Ovu has a beautiful little cottage on the hill with a clay oven that he uses to make bread. It makes delicious breads of various shapes and flavors, with different fillings. His fame has already run through society so he gets commissioned from various gnomes. It uses goat's milk in its recipe, so its breads make children grow strong and healthy and help keep the bones of the elderly strong. Rai the head of agriculture destines there Ovu every month an amount of wheat that he draws for his sustenance and to make loaves for other families. His wife Dora who makes delicious sweets, gives the greatest strength. They work practically together, she making sweets and he buns, the kitchen gets a mess, full of flour strewn all over. One day Ovu fell ill, staying in bed for three weeks. Zen the doctor diagnosed a strong flu, which he picked up because it stood in front of the hot oven and then always leave unattended for the walk with his sheep. Dora so as not to miss bread in society worked for the two, and cared for him with much affection, in addition to taking the sheep to graze at least once a day. Your friends came to help you and share the chores. Soon Ovu got well and gave a great party to celebrate, besides being now in health was his wedding anniversary with Dora. They were making 50 years of marriage. He called Gino's band, dancer Clara, music Neve, singer Ica and comedian Abo and gave a bash. Ovu now in health thanked God very much and promised not to commit any more abuses. Abo's message is to not neglect our health and periodically go to the doctor to see if everything is OK. We need to cherish and care for our body, which is the home of our spirit here on earth.
Faru is a firefighter, sometimes there are fires in the forest, sometimes caused by humans, sometimes by droughts, where a lightening storm can start a fire or even by some carelessness in the fireplaces of houses. The gnomes have very large clay pots throughout their society to extinguish any fire that may appear. They also have a system that through a hose made of sheep gut the water is led from the waterfall to the village, which is situated on a level below the waterfall. Faru is responsible along with a group to organize this type of operation and always be checking for possible dangers. Faru also makes rescues in the water and burials by landslides or seismic shocks inside the mountains, such as what happened to the Trovo team. There has never been a big fire in this town, because gnomes set their communities in safe places, but if that happened the gnomes have a system below ground where they can be hidden there for up to 6 months. All the houses are interconnected and there is enough stock of food for everyone. They also built this shelter when the man invented the atomic bomb. Very sad they knew that humanity from there would be in danger. Gnomes are very sad about this because what is the use of technology worth if it is used for evil? Earth is a beautiful planet but at risk, the very pollution and devastation of forests is contributing to the degradation of the ozone layer that can have devastating consequences such as global warming and melting glaciers. Faru once stared at a little house and felt a strong intuition that something was wrong. He went there to see what it was. A gnome had fallen asleep leaving a candle lit, the candle fell, and the fire had already leaped to the carpet. Faru avoided a fire by relying on his inner voice. Faru's message is that you have a keen intuition and need to trust it.
Codi is the leader of the gnomes society, gnomes do not need to be commanded because in their community each one knows their role, but Codi for his spirit of leadership and generosity was chosen among his own friends and other gnomes to be the leader among them . While functioning in perfect harmony, the gnomes need a leader to lead all activities and some guidelines for everything to run in perfect harmony. Codi makes the flow charts of activities and guides the perfect distribution of goods and foods produced, taking care that all are provided with their needs. Codi is a friend to everyone and has great intelligence. Gnomes feel safe in feeling that someone guides and protects them. Codi has faithful friends who follow him and help him a lot. Codi is setting up an expedition of gnomes to the world of men. He will try along with his colleagues to approach some people who have a pure and open heart to intuit messages of peace and inner reflection, to transmit to others and thus spread a seed in the hearts of men. Some of their ancestors have already tried this mission and some humans have captured the messages defending causes that once seemed impossible, the world began to open their eyes and several groups of defense nature and human rights were formed. It will not be an easy task, but they know that a small planted seed can form a forest. Codi's message is that you have good and faithful friends who will help you and raise you up. Your leadership spirit will put you on important tasks.