How to consult

There are four basic forms of consultation:

1- The first opening the book on a page in the wilderness (not yet scheduled release). You focus first and open the book on a page that will give you a message.

2- The second is using the letters (the booklet contains the 54 letters) that after being shuffled and cut, should be spread on a table. As you go scrambling, you focus on whatever is answered. Subjects can be related to health, love, business or general. After scattering the cards, choose three cards that will give you the messages in three different contexts, or you can complete each other. You can also choose a single letter if you want the answer to a specific question.

3- The third way is to use the numeric table. You concentrate and choose a number up to 54, which will be relative to a certain gnome (each has a specific number) then you will have your message.

4- You can also ask someone to tell you a number, the first one that comes to your head, then you consult the table. If the person chooses a number greater than 54, add the digits to get a unique number. For example, the person speaks 98, add 9 + 8, which will equal the gnome number 17, if it speaks 55, 5 + 5 = 10 and so on.

These methods are just tips, over time you will discover your own way of taking and interpreting messages.

Remember that this book/site is a vehicle for finding an answer that is actually already inside you.