I thank to...

All my family, my parents, siblings, husband and dear children.

Without the unconditional support of all of you nothing could have been accomplished, from the creation of the Book until the present moment in which I elaborate this site.

I thank Paulo Lemos and the entire Lemos Editorial team, who believed and made this dream possible in 1999 by publishing the 1st edition of the booklet.

To all the elemental beings and spiritual guides who inspired the realization of this work;

To God who in his infinite goodness always protects us, guides us in our walk and allows everything to come to fruition.

To you dear readers of the book and website! The project is still in the beginning but I believe that everything that is done with love, with good intention and for good, can not go wrong! Look forward to updates and the complete completion of the site soon!

Teandra Iches


The ludic...

allows the human being, playing, discovering himself. Fantasy thus fulfills a fundamental role in the constitution of the person; so in fairy tales the fantastic infantile world reinvents reality and recreating it, in an understandable way, reduces the anguish of the unknown. This is what Teandra Iches does here in re-creating the Gnomes world in a positive and constructive way. It brings us back to a magical and beautiful world, precisely because in its wisdom it has certainty and confidence in all that is good in the human being.

Anyone, of any age, will find in these wonderful creatures a good side of life, so difficult in our times of radical beliefs or belief.

Pablo Picasso once said that it took him a lifetime to learn how to paint as a child.

With this book, we can rediscover the fantasy and the pleasure of meeting gnomes, who surely sleep inside us.

Paulo Lemos