Meet the Gnomes

Gnomes Information:

Name # Message Profession
Mali 1 Happy phase in your life, joys in the future. Teacher of children
Zeti 2 Things will happen fast in your life. Organizer
Gogu 3 The moment is for work, solid achievements are on your way. Writer, take care of the history of his people
Salu 4 Think well before accepting a proposal, not everything that glitters is gold. Cares for wisdom, philosophy
Zen 5 You have good values, give people what they know. Medical
Lola 6 You use seduction to get what you want, someone is in love with you. Purifies the water
Zita 7 You will be or are already a beloved parent. Fruit shack, you are pregnant
Paco 8 You think a lot about work. You must not neglect other values. Hunter
Kito 9 Be careful, do not get caught up in gossip and intrigue. Messenger
Tocu 10 You will receive a gift. Take care of the deposit
Zara 11 Good person, you will be lucky in life. Seamstress
Vita 12 Your health is great, good phase. Children's Conductor and Gym Teacher
Solo 13 Wealth is on your way. Do not forget who always supported you. Extract stones for building
Are 14 Good and joyful news on the way. Journalist, advertiser
Hugo 15 Travel to work. Take care of the laws
Pepi 16 Enjoy the home, happy family, many children and grandchildren. Artist
Poshi 17 Nice, outgoing. Many loves. Transporting food
Shilo 18 Betrayal of love or friends. Look who you trust. Watcher
Sabu 19 Someone admires you, an observer likes the way you are. Student
Dora 20 You will live a great love. Doceira
Jade 21 Do not force a situation, let things happen naturally. Perfumer
Toni 22 Never stop studying, good and satisfying jobs are on your way. Architect/Designer
Rodi 23 Change of last minute will change your plans. Astronomer/Astrologer
Zugui 24 You will have intelligent children, but they will give work. Carpenter, makes furniture and wooden toys
Abo 25 You will receive visits. Visit friends and loved ones. Comedian/Actor
Mare 26 A major transformation will occur in your life. Carpentry Student
Sole 27 Pure person of heart. You will have a good karma. Veterinarian
Luna 28 Platonic loves. Do not expect things to come to you. Make flower arrangements
Zack 29 Will make a good marriage. Shoemaker
Pólem 30 Fame, followers around the world. Researcher, make medicines
Illo 31 Reconciliation of love or friends. Club Coordinator
Alma 32 Remember that the body is only appearance, the essence is the spirit. Make fabrics
Aura 33 You have the protection of the good spirits. Make contact with the spirits
Balo 34 Try to handle food, prefer quality rather than quantity. Nutritionist
Bud 35 Docile temperament, tendency to marry early. Transporting people
Core 36 What's new on the way. Recycle Trash
Poti 37 The fortune will come from the work itself, safe old age. Chemistry Teacher
Trovo 38 Fights and arguments, try to be more tolerant. Extraction of ores and stones
Kenko 39 Work now to enjoy later. Dentist
Lumi 40 A ray of light will come up when you think it's all lost. Read and make crystal objects
Rai 41 Problems of little importance, you will receive unexpected help. Farmer
Clara 42 Neutral phase, do not jump to conclusions. Actress and dancer
Mel 43 Meeting of the ultimate love. Dinghy
Neve 44 All your plans without exception will take place. Music Teacher
Rochi 45 Hard personality. You need to know that it's not always right at all. Fisherman
Gino 46 Meetings, celebration and party. Musician
Fogu 47 Love connections, sex life. Take the necessary care. Midwife/Nurse
Roti 48 Many trips, long and short throughout life. Sailor
Mamu 49 If you are disturbed or anything distresses you, look for a friend you trust. Everything will work out. Analyst/Psychologist
Gisa 50 You are a mystical person. Clairvoyance, mediumship. Clairvoyant/Medium
Ica 51 Safe person, does not accept opinion of others. Singer
Ovu 52 Time to be reborn. Take care of your health. Shepherd of sheep, makes breads
Faru 53 You have a keen intuition, trust it. Firefighter
Codi 54 Spirit of leadership. Rise from faithful friends. Leader/Governor